Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hi there. Welcome to the blog, I'm Tash.

Hey. Ditto, I'm Roxy. 

We've known each other since we were three years old and for part of that we lived next door to each other or I've lived on the other side of the world, or we operate as we do now living at different ends of Adelaide and mainly only seeing each other for breakfast dates or lunch dates at uni.

Regardeless, our friendship still rocks and we are close. Knowing everything about someone, what they like and hate, what their virtues and vices are... it's cool. For example, I know Tash loves baking and she knows that I love eating her cookies so we have this unspoken agreement that when I really need cookies... I get them! Do you have that sort of friend?

I read somewhere that for a blog to be successful the blogger should be obsessed with something, therefore I think I'd make a perfect blogger as my life is filled with obsessions. I'm obsessed with home wares, particularly things in pastel colours, floral patterns or anything that aids in baking or presenting baked goods. I'm obsessed with lots of other things too like books, dvds and origami. Basically I guess this doesn't really narrow down the things I'm likely to post about.

And me. Well I wouldn't say my life is filled with static obsessions, I'm one of those people that flitters in between them. I might be obsessed with reading for a while, then suddenly decide to be an exercise nut and randomly become a surf life saver. I love shopping, and for a while I was the 'shop in the shopping centre only' type of girl but now I'm finally accepting the online shopping environment. Yay. I really like food; cooking and eating out, bring it on;  so you'll probably hear a lot about the new fun and yummy places I've been to. 

Basically this blog will be about things we enjoy, things we discover, things that we just want to complain about and things that we come across in the Media.

But don't worry, we don't complain much. Enjoy!

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