Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eateries - Burp Burrito

I began a love affair back in 2005 with a little place called Burp Burrito. It was this fantastic place that introduced me to having rice in a burrito and where you could stuff a tortilla with so many fresh salsas that it could hardly stay closed. Throughout the years our relationship has become less and less frequent. By the time I get to the end of Rundle Mall I'm usually more interested in catching the tram home rather than heading on down Hindley Street and forking out $7.20 for a burrito. Today though I got the craving and I made my way there, but I was sadly disappointed.

Firstly as I got to the end of the subway like burrito bar I discovered that they were all out of guacamole! This is one of my favourite additions to the dear burrito but despite my enquiries as to whether there was more out the back my burrito was guacamole-less. Perhaps it was just the disappointment over the guacamole that tainted that first bite but the burrito just wasn't the same. The flavours didn't combine together to create the awesome "POW" that I was used to.

Maybe I should have pieced it together at first by the fact that they were playing this:

rather than this:

I'm sorry Burp but you just lost your style.

(saying this, if you haven't been to Burp then definitely go there. It's far better than most fast food places and much more affordable than places like Nandos. Don't let my little qualm deter you, they are still a fantastic place to eat)

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