Monday, May 31, 2010

Thoughts - Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

So I've been thinking about diamonds and engagement rings. Before you get all excited and start congratulating me, STOP. I'm not engaged, gosh I'm not even in a relationship but lets just say that from a tender young age I've loved weddings. So naturally I've looked into engagement rings, and this baby here is one that I designed earlier today on the Adiamor website, it's a pair cut diamond on a white gold setting with four prong set diamonds and 28 pave set diamonds. But the thing that's really been making me think is... I don't actually want a diamond!

Building engagement rings is almost as fun as hopping on the Apple website and building yourself a Mac Pro, I managed to make one ring with a $250,000 diamond and even the cheaper ones are still about $4000. For me, it seems excessive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a go at the ladies out there that want a genuine rock on their finger but its just not for me. There are a few reasons for this. 

Firstly it is because of the bad side of diamonds. The people who die to bring mine them and the military powers that they fund. Now this isn't all diamonds but if something has the potential to contribute to this, and it's something that I don't really want, then I'm quite happy to say no thanks!

Secondly, I struggle to see the value in a diamond. I don't really wear jewelry and as long as something looks nice I'm not really worried what it's value is. This is why I want a cubic zirconia, if there is a decent reason to want a diamond it's going to be lost on me and therefor I see it as a bit of a waste of money. I don't have a problem with people who like diamonds, but I think I'd be happier if a bit of that ring money was saved and went towards something that was more me. 

So what is your opinion? Are you a diamond girl?
Would you settle for anything less?
Have you secretly picked out your ring?

Sex and The City's star, SJP, rocks a massive hair piece. Does the crowd go wild?

Sex and the City is everywhere right now. Yep, these ladies are all we can talk about. Firstly, because Sex and The City 2 is finally hitting our shores (yippee!), but also because all four of the starlets are shining beacons of hope, showing us that we too can look amazingly stunning when we reach our 40's/50's. Awesome gals, I say.

Anyway, this morning I was reading up on the SATC 2 London Premiere on my fav online beauty website PRIMPED. What was the hot topic? Not the fabulous makeup and hair dos' but the crazily huge, 'halloween-esque' hair piece sitting quietly (ha!) on SJP's head! Now at first I was shocked, you know, mouth hanging open in a really unflattering way, shocked. But after a while of staring, I've come to terms with it. It's SJP's thing, she rocks the weird and wonderful and does it, well, awesomely. She is an incredible style icon and just quietly, the amazing black frock with split-design tube and matching shoes is to.die.for. Probably the best dress I've seen all year. Big call I know but I'm making and will stand by it. Overall, SJP looks gorgeous, me thinks.

Here is the pic. Crazy huh?

Don't the other ladies, Cynthia, Kristin and Kim look beautiful? I'm also lovin' Kim's gown, Cynthia's blonde highlights (apparently blonde is her natural colour) and Kristen is forever stunning. Two words. Bomb. Shells.

How about you just marvel at it for a while?
What do you think?
Hate it or lurve it?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things I do - make damn good coffee (too much?)...

Ha! I think my coffees go alright. But to find out if they really are as 'damn good' as my title suggests, I guess you better ask my caffeine addicted regulars. They'll tell you what they think, doncha worry bout it, y'all.

So here is the thing; I was at work this morning (at a Gloria Jeans Coffee shop located somewhere down the wondrous coast line of South Adelaide..) and I realised that I have never, ever blogged about my job. Not that it is all that important, it just brings in the dough so that I can go spend it all on the things I love, like beauty products, shoes, clothes etc (and a little bit of saving too. Of course!) But I thought I should give that part of my life some credit. Right?

I only rack up about 15 hours a week at Glorias (I struggle to find heaps of time in between university and my radio show) but having said that, it's generally a pretty fun 15 hours. Most of my customers are ubercool and I'm going to be quite sad when I graduate and hopefully get a job in the media industry (then maybe I can actually call myself a writer and not be stretching the truth! good one!).

To be perfectly honest, I am not the biggest fan of coffee. Yup, I do drink it (probably too much of it), but I'm a total sobby, coffee tart and only drink esspresso (none of this instant stuff, thanks!) and I don't like it strong. Ew. However, I do enjoy making the coffee and now that I've made 40328837 of them, I think I'm alright at it.

Latte art is quite fun:
Caramelatte anyone? Yum!

I'll try and do a nice 'heart' in a latte next shift. But you know I won't be able to, 'cause I'm trying...

Just quickly, I'm going to spiral off onto a beautified tangent; working at a coffee shop is not awesome for my skin. I get really dry hands from all the coffee and frequently washing them. It sucks. Big time. So, I'm quite obsessed with hand cream at the mo. My hand cream of choice (because I have abnormally dry hands) is QV Intensive Moisturiser. It's Jesus in a tube; really softens and soothes the skin and it is water free so it doesn't sting when applied to inflamed or cracked skin (which mine often is). It has quite a thick texture so it doesn't wash off too easily (and I don't have to reapply constantly. bonus!) but, it does take a little while to rub in properly. I also love that it is fragrance free, becuase sometimes the ones that contain perfume sting a little when applied (if I didn't have really dry skin I'd be lovin' the smelly ones becuase gosh balls, some of them do smell wonderful. Like Endota Spa's Organic Hand Cream. Amazing!)

QV is also quite inexpensive, yay!

How nice is a coffee on a freezing cold, windy, rainy day (like today!)?
Are you a coffee or a hot chockie person?
Or maybe you like tea? I don't like tea (maybe I'll grow into it? Maybe not. Probably not...)

Now I better make like a guillotine and head off!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Randomness - Does the colour of ones umbrella really matter? I think, yes.

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Or not. How about you just don't come at all? No. Scrap that. Please come again because I do understand that our planet Earth does appreciate a good ol' wash every now and then but honestly, while I'm walking to my lecture. Is that really necessary mother nature? She thinks yes. Obviously.

Now this usually would not be a problem, getting rained on that is. And to be completely honest, I can't complain too much because I did have an umbrella stashed away in my Uni bag (along with my readings, Cosmo and Vogue mag, three lip glosses, hand cream, comb, mini mascara...yah it's a big bag). 'So why are you complaining, doll?' I hear you ask. Well, the thing is, a while ago I decided it would be amazeballs to purchase a baby blue umbrella. Turns out that was not a top idea. Every single time I pull this puppy out I think to myself 'gosh Roxy, the colour of this umbrella really doesn't compliment your outfit. Silly, silly girl'. And it's true. Sigh.

So I think it's safe to say that I've learnt my lesson. I will never purchase a coloured umbrella again, unless it is this Burberry one:
Isn't it just gorge?

(just incase you are wondering, nup, my uni budget will not allow the purchase of this baby anytime soon...)

You know what, if I came across an umbrella that was a lovely shade of deep purple, I'd consider buying that too. But only because I wear too much black in winter (something I am working on) and deep purple looks goodo with black, me thinks. For now, I think I'll just invest in a black one. Problem soaked. Wait solved, problem solved. Wow, I'm sorry, that was bad (even for me).

Wouldn't it be great if the rain came only while we are happily snoozin' away, dreaming of summer dayz?

Have you got an annoying/entertaining rain story?
Do you own a fabulous umbrella?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beauty - Home Pedicure Of The Year Award Goes To...

On Monday my toes had a sever case of finger envy. Why? Okay, so I was lucky enough to get a
free manicure at Colour Cosmetica, it was divine. My hands were in heaven and I came out with this gorgeous shade of deep red making me feel all elegant, but you know, in tune with the wintery weather. Good one!

So, while my fingers were feeling super excellent, my poor toes were hating life, all naked and unkempt. It was most distressful and I realised quite quickly that I needed to undertake some serious at home pampering. Even though the weather in RADelaide lately has been damn gross (rainy, dark, windy...) and my toes have mostly been tucked away in socks and boots, I really don't like having gnarly toes starring up at me (cursing my resentment) when I get home and start shedding my footware and clothes (my mum severely hates the cold so our wood fire is usually cranking out some serious heat by the time I get home). So, here are a few tips that my beauty therapist gave me to ensure my toes are properly groomed and lurve me again:

1. Always remove the old stuff. If you don't do this, your pedi will always look average. Not a good look, me thinks.

2. Cuticles must be attended to if you want a nice clean finish. Soak your feet in warm water and then rub a cuticle cream (I used The Body Shop's cooling foot lotion) to help soften those cuticles before you push them back with an orangewood stick and trim with nail clippers.

3. Before you paint your nails (if you're wanting colour on them, which I think you should do) apply a clear polish for strengthening because not only will it improve your healthiness, it will make sure any darker polish you apply will not stain. No staining allowed! Oh, and make sure your toes are separated (obviously) and apply two coats of coloured polish for best finish (making sure the coats are not too thick, otherwise it will prob chip thanks). To finish up, a top coat will help resistance and staying power. YAY!

What colours should you use? Well, on my finger nails I'm loving Chanel 505 Particuliere or a deep red. But, for my toes, I quite like a brighter, happier colour. OPI have some lovely pinky, corally shades that I'm loving right now (my faves, Mod-ern Girl and Most Honorable Red). So fun and flirtatious!

Or check out these Chanel pastel colours (Jade and Jade Rose). Fab right?

Now, hurry up and get to pampering your toe nails. They'll adore you for it. Promise. Even my cat Duchess is getting involved! Cute.

Check out how relaxed she is after her pedicure. This could be you:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food - Masterchef Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs

Pay attention all you foodies out there! I have a very special announcement: First, my mum is at the very top of my 'coolest people' list and second, MasterChef's recipes (ya know, the cooking competition that's on Australian TV every night of the week) are the shiz.

My very own MasterChef kitchen was going off this evening as my mum, Jude, recreated a fabulous MasterChef creation - Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs. And when I say fabulous, I mean fabulous. Ohmygoodnessgraciousme there was a party in my mouth and all of the spices in cupboard were invited. These ribs were packed with so much flavour that when I took a bite, I had physically stop chewing for a moment while a tasty bomb exploded in my mouth. Chilli, orange rind, bay leaves, cinnamon, paprika, mustard powder, ground cumin, oregano leaves were all on included, just to name a few. Yes, there is a lot of ingredients involved which can be a bit scary, but honestly, the result is an amazing balance of flavours (just the right amount of spice contrasted with sweetness and smokiness). To add even more pizzazz to the meal, mum whipped up (literally ha!) a homemade mayonnaise and some crispy squared potatoes to side. Good one!

There is something magical about eating pork ribs in the comfort of your own home - you can get all messy and really enjoy the flavours.

BBQ Pork Ribs, you are my new favourite meal. AH-mazing.

There is a how-to video on the MasterChef website - I'm currently trying to embed it into this post, so hopefully it will be up soon. Otherwise, click here to watch if ya just can't wait. I would struggle, this is seriously good stuff.

What's your favourite dish?
I've got so many, gosh!

Beauty - GHD: Green With Envy

So I'm going to attempt to write a blog right now, but I'm kind of lost for words. In fact I can't write a blog because all I would end up doing would be rambling on about how in love I am with this sexy green machine. So instead I'm going to leave it here for you to stare and enjoy. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things - iPhone Apps I'm Loving

So when I first heard the name "Four Square" I instantly got images of the childhood game I always dreaded (although in Vietnam we called it handball). After checking it out I realised that Four Square is definately not something to dread, but something really fun! 

Four Square describe themselves as "part friend finder, part social city guide, part nightlife game!" Basically when you go somewhere (anywhere) you 'check in'. You can write reviews of places, add new venues and check out what your friends are doing. The best bit about it is earning things: you earn points every time you check in somewhere and you can compete against friends, you can earn badges after you complete certain milestones and after you visit a place more than anyone else you become mayor!

I love finding out about interesting ways that people decide to use the internet and similar platforms like smart phones. I've got Four Square on my iPhone and I've currently got a bit of a competition going on with my housemate Kirby because she's become mayor of our house! Hint hint, Roxy jump on the bandwagon!

The other app I'm loving at the moment is the Ethical Shopping Guide Shop Ethical! I'm not crazy about following boycotts and choosing ethical products and most of my shopping is based on my wallet and my stomach as opposed to my head and my heart. I think that for anyone it's important to know about the products you are buying, whether you choose to make decisions based on these facts is up to you. You can check up on almost any grocery products to find out which are the most ethical brands to buy based on human rights, animal rights, environmental policies and how much these companies lie. Some of these profiles are enough to turn you off that jar of Milo! 

This app isn't free unfortunately, but I think that anyone in charge of their own grocery shopping should download it. I probably wont be revamping my entire shopping list straight away, but it'll definitely help me make some more informed decisions while cruising the aisles. 

Have you used any of these apps? Have I convinced you to download them? What are your favourite iPhone apps?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Health - Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse

Where the hell have I been all of your life? Not sitting at my laptop writing my review of the Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse, that's for sure. Yes, I know that this blog is way overdue, and yup, I do understand that the fact that I've just survived (with minor battle wounds) a hectic week signed, sealed and delivered from Satan himself, is not a good enough excuse for my blogging absence... Actually, while it is true that I've been really busy this week, it may be melodramatic, drama queenish even, to suggest that it was hellish. I've actually done tonnes of fun stuff, like interview the marketing coordinator, Ashleigh, from Colour Cosmetica and gone to my BF's (Rowan) nephews modelling grad (so cute), but more on that later. Let's talk about Juice, baby.

So, early last Thursday morning, Rowan and I were woken up by a telephone call from my mum. She called to inform me that two Urban Remedy deliveries had just arrived. Awesome. Both Rowan and I were totes excited. So the cleaning began...

Just to make things easy (and because it was a totally rad idea worth borrowing) I'm going to use the same format that Tash did for her Cleanse review.

So...what were the juices like?
Okay, what attracted me to the cleanse was the fact that recently, I'd been finding myself lacking energy. You know, feeling very tired early in the evening (I usually run most days but that 'most day' was morphing into an ugly 'once a week, if ya lucky') and, well, just not my usual zesty self. Unlike my lovely co-blogger, I am not a juice person. I'm a water person who prefers her fruit and vegetables whole, thanks. So to say that I was a little bit nervous about the fact that I was about to consume only juice, water and herbal tea for three whole days is a bit of an understatement. But, I was so keen to give this cleanse a go, especially after all the amazing reviews I've read from Yaz, PRIMPED editor. I refused to let my nerves get the better of me. I told them were to go and shove it, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Juice #1 did test my will power. At first it made me feel all vomity inside mainly because the celery was crazy strong and I didn't love that. BUT, by day two, I did enjoy it actually. True story. It's kinda the same for all juices, at first I was a bit like woe man, this liquid vege thing is not my cuppa tea, but by the end of the cleanse, I was sad to give them up. I do miss them now even. Especially juice #6 (pictured in the photo above along with the adorable esky that is included with every Urban Remedy purchase. Sweet!). #6 is an amazing blend of coconut milk, raw cashews, cinnamon and vanilla bean. It is so yummy and really helped to fill me up before bed time. I'd drink that juice everyday if possible.

Before I move on, I just want to give a special mention juice #4, the purple juice. If you haven't guessed already the main ingredient in this juice is beetroot. Now, #4 is hard-core proof that these juices contain only what is written on the label. It literally tasted like I'd taken my shovel out into the garden, dug myself up a big, juicy beetroot, washed it off (obviously) and taken a huge bite out of it. So raw, but great.

So...were you ready to eat your hand off by the end of it?
I can honestly tell you that I was never hungry while on the cleanse. The juices kept my hunger police off duty and I made sure that I kept myself very busy during the day so that I didn't have time to sit around daydreaming about food. Glorious food. That's not to say that I didn't miss food at all. Oh boy, I did miss food. I missed the texture in my mouth, I missed chewing, I missed the prettiness of food, but most of all, I missed the taste sensations. However, what this cleanse did teach me that I do not need to eat nearly as much as I do. This experience made it shockingly clear how accustomed to eating I have become. I've learned that eating muesli with fruit and yogurt for brekky, followed by more fruit and a big salad sandwich for lunch, a tasty treat and a hefty sized dinner is not necessary, not necessary at all. Thank you Urban Remedy for helping me see the light at the end of the food obsessed tunnel. I haven't reached the end yet, but I'm getting closer! did it make you feel?
Day two was hard. I was grumpy because I missed food and I had a gnarly headache. Why did I have this headache? Well, I rarely drink alcohol, I only indulge in sweets when I'm catching up with the girls (or if Tashy bakes me something delish) and I eat plenty of fruit and vege. However, I probably eat too much red meat and I drink about 3 to 4 cups of coffee a week, which is very naughty. Caffeine is bad news people. If you are not addicted now, stay away. Not only is it crappy for your insides, it is expensive to buy at a cafe (and I always do because I work at a Gloria Jeans Coffee shop which makes me a snobby coffee tart..none of this instant stuff for me, gross). Anyway, I'm certain that the headache was a result of my coffee drinking.

Day three comes along and it's pretty much gone and by the afternoon I'm feeling awesome. I'd had two amazing sleeps the nights before and I felt empty. But not empty in a bad way, empty in a good way..I didn't feel bloated. Ever. Huzzah!

Sunday was my first day after the cleanse and I had so much energy. I was motivated to go for a long bike ride along the beachfront with Rowan (he felt awesome too). Monday comes along and I'm up early and running a quick 5Km before Uni. I've found my zesty self again! Where was she? Stuck way under all the dirty toxins that were busily hating my insides. Not anymore toxins, not.any.more.

Like Tashy said, this detox was not a diet and we did not starve ourselves for three days. It was simply a great way to give our digestive system a break from dealing with all the solids we usually consume. What a great opportunity to do a damn good cleaning! Would I do it again? Yes, when I can afford it. Unfortunately Urban Remedy don't deliver one day cleanses to Adelaide and I can't really afford to do the three day again (uni budget is somewhat restricted...), but I'll be doing it again after Christmas (which is also around the time of my 21st), at the very latest.

Thank you Urban Remedy for the detox and all of the supportive and informative emails you sent me during my cleanse. It was totally worth it.

Have you done a cleanse before?
Would you consider the Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse after our happy reviews?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beauty - Jen Lindley (AKA Michelle Williams)

You see that gorgeous blonde bombshell on the left, that is definitely not the Jen Lindley that I used to know... and hate! For anyone who is thinking what are you on about? That's Michelle Williams! Yes. Yes it is. But before she jumped back into the scene for Brokeback Mountain and as Heath Ledger's baby mama, she was most well known for playing Jen Lindley on Dawson's Creek. Oh and yeah, I hated her. I think that it was just because I didn't like Jen that I transfered my hatred onto Michelle and it took me a while to get past this.

Then I came across this picture, which is being flaunted across the Internet on sites like Primped and also the IMDB homepage and I decided to relinquish any hatred I may have felt towards her. She looks amazing and like a completely different person. To me she channels Jean Seberg ala "New York Herald Tribune" in À Bout De Souffle, that perfect mixture of class and cool. She has me yearning for that perfect blonde colour that I haven't been drawn to for such a long time and I'm craving that fringe. I don't think I would ever consider a pixie cut but I'm considering heading to the hairdressers (something I haven't done in almost a year!) and keeping my hair length but getting me a fringe like that! We'll see how my wallet feels about that.

I'll be staying away from the peroxide for now though!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Health - Urban Remedy Cleanse

So the last post I did was about me starting the Urban Remedy Cleanse. I didn't die, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth. It's just the last day of the cleanse was one of my best friend's birthdays, so since then I've been a bit busy. As Roxy has just finished her cleanse I thought I better jump in quick and write up my cleanse experience so she can get her two cents in now.

So... What were the juices like?
The first thing that attracted me to the cleanse was not that I wanted to cleanse my insides and feel new again, it was that I wanted to spend three days drinking juice! I'm a bit of a juice nut, and I'm always on the look out for new tasty juices to try. Juice #1 was perhaps a little strong for me, but I still enjoyed it. It was probably the celery but it was a bit of a vegetable overload. But at the same time I felt so clean and healthy drinking it that it always managed to make me smile inside and out. Juice #2 was my absolute favourite. Pineapple, mint and apple. I wish I could find this one on my supermarket shelves, but instead I think I'm going to have to invent my own substitute. I didn't have too many opinions about juice #3 and juice#4, their main components were carrot and beetroot respectively.  I love beetroot, but at times it could become a bit too sweet, and the carrot one just reminded me of normal V8 juice so that was tasty enough. Juice #5 scared me a bit. Lemon, water and cayenne pepper. I loved it. I was worried it would be too watered down, but the amount of lemon was just right and the cayenne pepper added a bonus oomph to it that gave it a bit more of a kick but also helped warm you up a bit (which was something I desperately needed!). Lastly finishing off with juice #6 was a great way to end the day. It was thicker than the other juices, with blended cashews and coconut it was almost like eating a meal! It was delicious and I would happily sip away at it while my housemate munched away at her dinner.

So... Were you ready to eat your own hand by the end of it?
NOT AT ALL! Surprisingly I wasn't hungry at all throughout the cleanse! The juices are all fairly thick and you almost feel like you're eating when you gulp them down. Obviously there isn't any chewing involved but you swish it around and it's a bit like having a meal. I was satisfied the whole time, but that's not to say I wasn't craving things! Suddenly food felt like this holy grail, I didn't need it but I wanted it. If I can give one tip for anyone doing the cleanse, don't watch Masterchef! I didn't miss any other restrictions like no coffee or no alcohol. I recently cut back the amount of alcohol I drink by a lot, and so I can't say I was reaching for the bottle by the end of it, and I also don't drink coffee so I had no problems with that. I felt satisfied the whole time, but I can tell you having a picnic with friends while they pass around birthday cake and you sip on your juice is a real test of willpower.

So... How did you feel?
Even before I started the cleanse I was pumped full of energy! I made sure I got a good nights' sleep the night before and I jumped out of bed full of excitement to crack open my first juice. I was feeling pretty flash through the whole day, buzzing with energy. By about 8:00 I was always a bit sleepy so I made sure I got to bed early and always woke up with a buzz. I also felt empty, not in that horrible soul wrenching longing way, but like if I jumped into the air I would float down like a feather. I felt like I could do anything because I was just so clean and healthy! It was a great feeling! I loved being on the cleanse and I love giving it a try. At the end of it the hardest thing wasn't the not eating or trying to get to bed early, it was dealing with other people's reactions. By the end of it I was sick of people giving me that look saying "oh you know this is just one of those fad diets?"

It isn't a fad diet. It's not a diet. I probably got more nutrients through those juices than I would get on any normal day even if I tried to eat super healthily. I felt great and I wasn't just starving myself for three days. Roxy asked me if I would do the cleanse again and my answer was: maybe.

If you've seen my other blog at all you'd know that I'm planning a massive trip in 2012, and a smaller one in 2011. As I am shocking at saving money I really need to put all of my efforts into that so forking out almost $200 for three days of not eating heavinly juice drinking, is very unlikely. I'm glad I gave it a go though because it made me feel fantastic and it made me feel like finally I was giving my body a much deserved break.

Over to you Roxy!