Monday, May 31, 2010

Sex and The City's star, SJP, rocks a massive hair piece. Does the crowd go wild?

Sex and the City is everywhere right now. Yep, these ladies are all we can talk about. Firstly, because Sex and The City 2 is finally hitting our shores (yippee!), but also because all four of the starlets are shining beacons of hope, showing us that we too can look amazingly stunning when we reach our 40's/50's. Awesome gals, I say.

Anyway, this morning I was reading up on the SATC 2 London Premiere on my fav online beauty website PRIMPED. What was the hot topic? Not the fabulous makeup and hair dos' but the crazily huge, 'halloween-esque' hair piece sitting quietly (ha!) on SJP's head! Now at first I was shocked, you know, mouth hanging open in a really unflattering way, shocked. But after a while of staring, I've come to terms with it. It's SJP's thing, she rocks the weird and wonderful and does it, well, awesomely. She is an incredible style icon and just quietly, the amazing black frock with split-design tube and matching shoes is to.die.for. Probably the best dress I've seen all year. Big call I know but I'm making and will stand by it. Overall, SJP looks gorgeous, me thinks.

Here is the pic. Crazy huh?

Don't the other ladies, Cynthia, Kristin and Kim look beautiful? I'm also lovin' Kim's gown, Cynthia's blonde highlights (apparently blonde is her natural colour) and Kristen is forever stunning. Two words. Bomb. Shells.

How about you just marvel at it for a while?
What do you think?
Hate it or lurve it?

2 letter(s) to the editor:

natashajean said...

Must agree I love Kim and Sarah's numbers! The headpiece is a little too out there for me, it's a bit like a classy Lady Gaga!

Sarah's dress makes me think back to the Stuibaker dress you wore to my year 12 formal! Same sort of WOW factor.

roxy said...

Yeah, I think that's why I love SJP look so much. There is something about a fitting top and huge, flowing bottom that makes me all giddy and excited inside.

I'm still trying to think of another occasion where I can wear the dress again. Too much for a wedding?