Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things - iPhone Apps I'm Loving

So when I first heard the name "Four Square" I instantly got images of the childhood game I always dreaded (although in Vietnam we called it handball). After checking it out I realised that Four Square is definately not something to dread, but something really fun! 

Four Square describe themselves as "part friend finder, part social city guide, part nightlife game!" Basically when you go somewhere (anywhere) you 'check in'. You can write reviews of places, add new venues and check out what your friends are doing. The best bit about it is earning things: you earn points every time you check in somewhere and you can compete against friends, you can earn badges after you complete certain milestones and after you visit a place more than anyone else you become mayor!

I love finding out about interesting ways that people decide to use the internet and similar platforms like smart phones. I've got Four Square on my iPhone and I've currently got a bit of a competition going on with my housemate Kirby because she's become mayor of our house! Hint hint, Roxy jump on the bandwagon!

The other app I'm loving at the moment is the Ethical Shopping Guide Shop Ethical! I'm not crazy about following boycotts and choosing ethical products and most of my shopping is based on my wallet and my stomach as opposed to my head and my heart. I think that for anyone it's important to know about the products you are buying, whether you choose to make decisions based on these facts is up to you. You can check up on almost any grocery products to find out which are the most ethical brands to buy based on human rights, animal rights, environmental policies and how much these companies lie. Some of these profiles are enough to turn you off that jar of Milo! 

This app isn't free unfortunately, but I think that anyone in charge of their own grocery shopping should download it. I probably wont be revamping my entire shopping list straight away, but it'll definitely help me make some more informed decisions while cruising the aisles. 

Have you used any of these apps? Have I convinced you to download them? What are your favourite iPhone apps?

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roxy said...

As soon as I get home and can connect to our wireless network, I will be downloading BOTH of these applications. They sounds great and I can't wait to beat you at four squares. It's on, doll face. My favourite application is Urbanspoon..It's so wonderful. Maybe I'll have to blog about it. Favourite iPhone game..Bejewled 2. Crazily addictive.