Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beauty - Home Pedicure Of The Year Award Goes To...

On Monday my toes had a sever case of finger envy. Why? Okay, so I was lucky enough to get a
free manicure at Colour Cosmetica, it was divine. My hands were in heaven and I came out with this gorgeous shade of deep red making me feel all elegant, but you know, in tune with the wintery weather. Good one!

So, while my fingers were feeling super excellent, my poor toes were hating life, all naked and unkempt. It was most distressful and I realised quite quickly that I needed to undertake some serious at home pampering. Even though the weather in RADelaide lately has been damn gross (rainy, dark, windy...) and my toes have mostly been tucked away in socks and boots, I really don't like having gnarly toes starring up at me (cursing my resentment) when I get home and start shedding my footware and clothes (my mum severely hates the cold so our wood fire is usually cranking out some serious heat by the time I get home). So, here are a few tips that my beauty therapist gave me to ensure my toes are properly groomed and lurve me again:

1. Always remove the old stuff. If you don't do this, your pedi will always look average. Not a good look, me thinks.

2. Cuticles must be attended to if you want a nice clean finish. Soak your feet in warm water and then rub a cuticle cream (I used The Body Shop's cooling foot lotion) to help soften those cuticles before you push them back with an orangewood stick and trim with nail clippers.

3. Before you paint your nails (if you're wanting colour on them, which I think you should do) apply a clear polish for strengthening because not only will it improve your healthiness, it will make sure any darker polish you apply will not stain. No staining allowed! Oh, and make sure your toes are separated (obviously) and apply two coats of coloured polish for best finish (making sure the coats are not too thick, otherwise it will prob chip thanks). To finish up, a top coat will help resistance and staying power. YAY!

What colours should you use? Well, on my finger nails I'm loving Chanel 505 Particuliere or a deep red. But, for my toes, I quite like a brighter, happier colour. OPI have some lovely pinky, corally shades that I'm loving right now (my faves, Mod-ern Girl and Most Honorable Red). So fun and flirtatious!

Or check out these Chanel pastel colours (Jade and Jade Rose). Fab right?

Now, hurry up and get to pampering your toe nails. They'll adore you for it. Promise. Even my cat Duchess is getting involved! Cute.

Check out how relaxed she is after her pedicure. This could be you:

2 letter(s) to the editor:

natashajean said...

firstly. ooo duchess inside. haha
secondly. I adore the Chanel Jade colour. Is that one you own, or just a picture you have?

roxy said...

Ha! Yes shhhh about that one...I do enjoy bringing her in when the boys (and Doug!!) are at work. Unfortunately I do not own Chanel Jade polish but I just love it. Wouldn't it look stupidly good on our tootsies? x