Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things I do - make damn good coffee (too much?)...

Ha! I think my coffees go alright. But to find out if they really are as 'damn good' as my title suggests, I guess you better ask my caffeine addicted regulars. They'll tell you what they think, doncha worry bout it, y'all.

So here is the thing; I was at work this morning (at a Gloria Jeans Coffee shop located somewhere down the wondrous coast line of South Adelaide..) and I realised that I have never, ever blogged about my job. Not that it is all that important, it just brings in the dough so that I can go spend it all on the things I love, like beauty products, shoes, clothes etc (and a little bit of saving too. Of course!) But I thought I should give that part of my life some credit. Right?

I only rack up about 15 hours a week at Glorias (I struggle to find heaps of time in between university and my radio show) but having said that, it's generally a pretty fun 15 hours. Most of my customers are ubercool and I'm going to be quite sad when I graduate and hopefully get a job in the media industry (then maybe I can actually call myself a writer and not be stretching the truth! good one!).

To be perfectly honest, I am not the biggest fan of coffee. Yup, I do drink it (probably too much of it), but I'm a total sobby, coffee tart and only drink esspresso (none of this instant stuff, thanks!) and I don't like it strong. Ew. However, I do enjoy making the coffee and now that I've made 40328837 of them, I think I'm alright at it.

Latte art is quite fun:
Caramelatte anyone? Yum!

I'll try and do a nice 'heart' in a latte next shift. But you know I won't be able to, 'cause I'm trying...

Just quickly, I'm going to spiral off onto a beautified tangent; working at a coffee shop is not awesome for my skin. I get really dry hands from all the coffee and frequently washing them. It sucks. Big time. So, I'm quite obsessed with hand cream at the mo. My hand cream of choice (because I have abnormally dry hands) is QV Intensive Moisturiser. It's Jesus in a tube; really softens and soothes the skin and it is water free so it doesn't sting when applied to inflamed or cracked skin (which mine often is). It has quite a thick texture so it doesn't wash off too easily (and I don't have to reapply constantly. bonus!) but, it does take a little while to rub in properly. I also love that it is fragrance free, becuase sometimes the ones that contain perfume sting a little when applied (if I didn't have really dry skin I'd be lovin' the smelly ones becuase gosh balls, some of them do smell wonderful. Like Endota Spa's Organic Hand Cream. Amazing!)

QV is also quite inexpensive, yay!

How nice is a coffee on a freezing cold, windy, rainy day (like today!)?
Are you a coffee or a hot chockie person?
Or maybe you like tea? I don't like tea (maybe I'll grow into it? Maybe not. Probably not...)

Now I better make like a guillotine and head off!

3 letter(s) to the editor:

Ali said...

I'm a tea person. I don't not like coffee, just most of the time I prefer tea, and I've been drinking less and less coffee. also I only ever really get coffee from coffee shops (like gloria jeans, irish nut creme please!), I never have it at home. and when I worked in restaurants I was always terrible at making coffees so I'd avoid it as much as possible!

roxy said...

Thanks for the comment!

You like Gloria Jeans, yay!
If you love the Irish Nut Creme I think you'll really enjoy the Chocolate Macadamia Latte, It is glorious (ha!). Ask for it next time you go for a coffee (it's not on the menu board anymore but they should be able to make it for you - if not, ask them to swap macadamia syrup for hazelnut, it's equally amazing!)

natashajean said...

I'm also much more of a tea girl! love my chais, earl greys and green tea with jasmine! I gave up my coffee addiction when I was about 15 and now I have about the same amount in a year that Roxy will have in a week!