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Health - Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse

Where the hell have I been all of your life? Not sitting at my laptop writing my review of the Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse, that's for sure. Yes, I know that this blog is way overdue, and yup, I do understand that the fact that I've just survived (with minor battle wounds) a hectic week signed, sealed and delivered from Satan himself, is not a good enough excuse for my blogging absence... Actually, while it is true that I've been really busy this week, it may be melodramatic, drama queenish even, to suggest that it was hellish. I've actually done tonnes of fun stuff, like interview the marketing coordinator, Ashleigh, from Colour Cosmetica and gone to my BF's (Rowan) nephews modelling grad (so cute), but more on that later. Let's talk about Juice, baby.

So, early last Thursday morning, Rowan and I were woken up by a telephone call from my mum. She called to inform me that two Urban Remedy deliveries had just arrived. Awesome. Both Rowan and I were totes excited. So the cleaning began...

Just to make things easy (and because it was a totally rad idea worth borrowing) I'm going to use the same format that Tash did for her Cleanse review.

So...what were the juices like?
Okay, what attracted me to the cleanse was the fact that recently, I'd been finding myself lacking energy. You know, feeling very tired early in the evening (I usually run most days but that 'most day' was morphing into an ugly 'once a week, if ya lucky') and, well, just not my usual zesty self. Unlike my lovely co-blogger, I am not a juice person. I'm a water person who prefers her fruit and vegetables whole, thanks. So to say that I was a little bit nervous about the fact that I was about to consume only juice, water and herbal tea for three whole days is a bit of an understatement. But, I was so keen to give this cleanse a go, especially after all the amazing reviews I've read from Yaz, PRIMPED editor. I refused to let my nerves get the better of me. I told them were to go and shove it, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Juice #1 did test my will power. At first it made me feel all vomity inside mainly because the celery was crazy strong and I didn't love that. BUT, by day two, I did enjoy it actually. True story. It's kinda the same for all juices, at first I was a bit like woe man, this liquid vege thing is not my cuppa tea, but by the end of the cleanse, I was sad to give them up. I do miss them now even. Especially juice #6 (pictured in the photo above along with the adorable esky that is included with every Urban Remedy purchase. Sweet!). #6 is an amazing blend of coconut milk, raw cashews, cinnamon and vanilla bean. It is so yummy and really helped to fill me up before bed time. I'd drink that juice everyday if possible.

Before I move on, I just want to give a special mention juice #4, the purple juice. If you haven't guessed already the main ingredient in this juice is beetroot. Now, #4 is hard-core proof that these juices contain only what is written on the label. It literally tasted like I'd taken my shovel out into the garden, dug myself up a big, juicy beetroot, washed it off (obviously) and taken a huge bite out of it. So raw, but great.

So...were you ready to eat your hand off by the end of it?
I can honestly tell you that I was never hungry while on the cleanse. The juices kept my hunger police off duty and I made sure that I kept myself very busy during the day so that I didn't have time to sit around daydreaming about food. Glorious food. That's not to say that I didn't miss food at all. Oh boy, I did miss food. I missed the texture in my mouth, I missed chewing, I missed the prettiness of food, but most of all, I missed the taste sensations. However, what this cleanse did teach me that I do not need to eat nearly as much as I do. This experience made it shockingly clear how accustomed to eating I have become. I've learned that eating muesli with fruit and yogurt for brekky, followed by more fruit and a big salad sandwich for lunch, a tasty treat and a hefty sized dinner is not necessary, not necessary at all. Thank you Urban Remedy for helping me see the light at the end of the food obsessed tunnel. I haven't reached the end yet, but I'm getting closer! did it make you feel?
Day two was hard. I was grumpy because I missed food and I had a gnarly headache. Why did I have this headache? Well, I rarely drink alcohol, I only indulge in sweets when I'm catching up with the girls (or if Tashy bakes me something delish) and I eat plenty of fruit and vege. However, I probably eat too much red meat and I drink about 3 to 4 cups of coffee a week, which is very naughty. Caffeine is bad news people. If you are not addicted now, stay away. Not only is it crappy for your insides, it is expensive to buy at a cafe (and I always do because I work at a Gloria Jeans Coffee shop which makes me a snobby coffee tart..none of this instant stuff for me, gross). Anyway, I'm certain that the headache was a result of my coffee drinking.

Day three comes along and it's pretty much gone and by the afternoon I'm feeling awesome. I'd had two amazing sleeps the nights before and I felt empty. But not empty in a bad way, empty in a good way..I didn't feel bloated. Ever. Huzzah!

Sunday was my first day after the cleanse and I had so much energy. I was motivated to go for a long bike ride along the beachfront with Rowan (he felt awesome too). Monday comes along and I'm up early and running a quick 5Km before Uni. I've found my zesty self again! Where was she? Stuck way under all the dirty toxins that were busily hating my insides. Not anymore toxins, not.any.more.

Like Tashy said, this detox was not a diet and we did not starve ourselves for three days. It was simply a great way to give our digestive system a break from dealing with all the solids we usually consume. What a great opportunity to do a damn good cleaning! Would I do it again? Yes, when I can afford it. Unfortunately Urban Remedy don't deliver one day cleanses to Adelaide and I can't really afford to do the three day again (uni budget is somewhat restricted...), but I'll be doing it again after Christmas (which is also around the time of my 21st), at the very latest.

Thank you Urban Remedy for the detox and all of the supportive and informative emails you sent me during my cleanse. It was totally worth it.

Have you done a cleanse before?
Would you consider the Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse after our happy reviews?

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