Monday, May 31, 2010

Thoughts - Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

So I've been thinking about diamonds and engagement rings. Before you get all excited and start congratulating me, STOP. I'm not engaged, gosh I'm not even in a relationship but lets just say that from a tender young age I've loved weddings. So naturally I've looked into engagement rings, and this baby here is one that I designed earlier today on the Adiamor website, it's a pair cut diamond on a white gold setting with four prong set diamonds and 28 pave set diamonds. But the thing that's really been making me think is... I don't actually want a diamond!

Building engagement rings is almost as fun as hopping on the Apple website and building yourself a Mac Pro, I managed to make one ring with a $250,000 diamond and even the cheaper ones are still about $4000. For me, it seems excessive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a go at the ladies out there that want a genuine rock on their finger but its just not for me. There are a few reasons for this. 

Firstly it is because of the bad side of diamonds. The people who die to bring mine them and the military powers that they fund. Now this isn't all diamonds but if something has the potential to contribute to this, and it's something that I don't really want, then I'm quite happy to say no thanks!

Secondly, I struggle to see the value in a diamond. I don't really wear jewelry and as long as something looks nice I'm not really worried what it's value is. This is why I want a cubic zirconia, if there is a decent reason to want a diamond it's going to be lost on me and therefor I see it as a bit of a waste of money. I don't have a problem with people who like diamonds, but I think I'd be happier if a bit of that ring money was saved and went towards something that was more me. 

So what is your opinion? Are you a diamond girl?
Would you settle for anything less?
Have you secretly picked out your ring?

3 letter(s) to the editor:

roxy said...
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roxy said...

I've been sitting here for a while now, staring at my ring finger and wishing that your ring would suddenly 'pop' onto it. It hasn't happened yet...Maybe we could just forward the picture to Rowan?

I understand what you are saying about buying diamonds and supporting a horrifically violent/dangerous diamond trade (cue 'Blood Diamond' film), but then I do buy clothing that I know is most likely made in a sweatshop... It's so hard.

natashajean said...

oh yeah I agree. I'm not always the most ethically conscious shopper I'm sure, BUT like I said for me personally when I could get a cubic zirconia ring that could look as perfect as a $10000 diamond I think I'm sold.

perhaps we'll have to discuss thoughts on this more plus a possible trip to melbourne over coffee! :)