Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awesome Interviewes - Susannah Bailey

I've blogged before about the radio show I co-produce at Radio Adelaide (called 'Y'). Well, now that's all wrapped up for the season. Finito, done-and-dusted (Boo!). Before you get all emotional too (ya know, jump off your comfy couch and run for the tissue box), KILL THE MOTOR DUDE. I've got good news. Working on this program provided me with the opportunity to interview some fabulous people (including Yasemin, the Editor of my fav beauty website PRIMPED - awesome!). However, the gal I'd like to bang on about today is none other than the inspirational Susannah Baily; a student at Colour Cosmetica Academy in RADelaide. This pink little lady (no kidding, she rocks fluro pink hair but boy, it looks freakin' cool on her) is incredible. She is currently undertaking Colour Cosmetica's 'Diploma of La Moda' (meaning: diploma of the fashion) which she tells me is a unique course that is the equivalent of four or five beauty and fashion courses put into one. Good one!

So people, this is some of what I found out about the one and only, Susannah Bailey...

Roxy: Firstly Susannah, Wow. I've seen some of your work and you are one talented chick. Can you tell me a little bit about some of the things you have done to try show off your talent?

Susannah: I've done so much. I've worked on fashion parades, photo shoots, films and plays. I've also being involved in running events for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Also, Colour Cosmetica was heavily involved in running the Arcade Lane Venue at Fringe, which actually ended up winning best venue, so that was really exciting. Pretty much, this course means that the sky is the limit. You know, you can do anything you want to.

Roxy: Sounds like you've already had some incredible experiences - I'd love to zoom into 2020 right now and see what your future has in store for you. Unfortunately, I don't have my time machine handy...What a bugger! So instead, I guess I'll have to ask, where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years time?

Susannah: I see myself everywhere! Also, Tokyo. I'm a bit obsessed with Japan. I want to have my own fashion label - I'm actually in the process of staring that up now. I also want do do freelance work - in particular, hair, makeup and styling for other companies. I want to do visual merchandising, photo shoots, films and writing for magazines too. However, my primary focus is my own clothing label - I'd like a couple of them actually. This is why I came to Colour Cosmetica, because I have so many goals and this course is teaching me enough to do pretty much anything that I want to do. When I graduate I'll be prepared for anything and everything!

Roxy: Goodnessgraciousme, how exciting! Keeping in mind all of your previous experiences, can you give any other aspiring fasionistas (who are trying to get exposure) any advice?

Susannah: Just be positive, be yourself, be creative but also understand it is a lot of work. I don't have much of a life at the moment, it's a huge commitment [the Diploma of La Moda] but it is so rewarding, the experiences I have had make all the hard work definitely worth it.

Roxy: That's great advice Susannah, cheers. So one last thing before we finish up, please tell me about one of your favourite pieces of work?

Susannah: One of my favourites (I have so many) is called 'Clockwork Harlequin'. It is based on a very similar time as Alice [in wonderland], the real 'Victorian Morning Clothes' but also, the Commedia Dell'Ate (Italian comedy and theater) Harlequins. So, I had a black shirt that had all these amazing layers and layers of extravagance built up and the head piece I made out of broken clocks, glass, wires and peals. So much fun to make.

Roxy: It is an incredible piece of art! Thanks so much for your time Susannah and good luck with everything in the future - although I'm sure you wont really need it!

Said 'Clockwork Harlequin'....

Awesome handiwork, right?
Are you impressed?
Do you know of any talented beauty/fashionstas?
Has Susannah inspired you to work hard and achieve your goals?

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