Saturday, June 12, 2010

5 Reasons Why I'll Be Rocking The Bold Lip Tonight

At my boyfriend's gig, that is. I'm thinking I'll do a nice, bright coral. Like this Lancome lip gloss (no. 66)...

My second pick is Revlon’s high-pigment coral and magenta (from their new colourburst range). It's a winner (and comes in lovely, Chanel inspired packaging).

Here are the reasons:

1. I'll be at a bar where my man will be wooing a crowd with his superstar-esque guitar playing. He'll be doing this while smiling politely at the random single lady who decides to step up as one of Jesus disciples and wipe the sweat of his brow (thanks hunni, that's not what I'm here for. Now move along, enjoy your night and I wish you a years worth of bad hair days) . So obviously, I need to look good. Or at least feel good, and one way to feel done up, fresh faced and lovely is a bright lip, don't you agree?

2. Yeah it's winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, and although we usually associate the colder months with darker colours, like, erm, BLACK (and deep purples, greys etc.), I think it's quite nice to throw in a bold, bright lip here and there. Mix it up a bit, brighten your day/afternoon (no pun intended!) with a splash of colour.

3. Zoe Foster, a confessed lover of the bold lip (and the big boss of beauty website PRIMPED), explained that you can wear the bold lip two ways: Hollywood glamour puss/vintage or totally modern. The vintage look (what I'll be doing tonight) involves black mascara and little liquid eyeliner. The modern look, a plain face with brown mascara. Too easy! What a winner, ta Zoe.

4. I'm sick of doing the 'baby doll' pink lips or the nude with the brown smoky eye. Yes, I realize that it always looks good, works with most outfits and is generally a no brainer. But come on, you don't make friends by always rocking the same look or with salad (said Homer Simpson). I think that's a lie though. I like salad...

5. A bold lip is every mans drug - they'll get hooked on you. If you're after a guy (or you're like me and want to keep the attention of your own boy) whack it on and they will come running. Literally. With flowers, magical calorie free chocolates and the latest 'Robert Robert' platforms. Okay, I'm lying. But the bold lip will make you look hot. I promise.

Huzzah! Five good reasons why I'll be rocking the bold lip tonight.

Are you a lipstick girl or a gloss girl?
What are your favourite colours? Brands?

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