Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eateries: Agathas Food Store do BIG Brekkies....

My mouth is watering, people. Just reminiscing about my Sunday breakfast at Agatha's Food Store is enough to kick start the cravings. What an incredible taste bud delight it was! I cannot stop thinking about it (and wishing myself back there)...

Agatha's is a tiny (in size, big in bite) restaurant situated down the coast of Port Noarlunga. They are open 7 days for breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, they don't stay open for dinner (which is a massive bummer), but I can cut them some slack becuase it is a family run business, so they need some downtime from the flood of hungry foodies constantly demanding their top quality service. And wozers, do they bring it? Yes they do (I should know, I'm a regular)!

I could tell you about all of their yummy dishes (like their home-made dips and pita bread, or their smoothies (todiefor), but today I'm going to focus on just one...Their 'Greek Yoghurt Special'. And it's a good one too! What you are looking at is an enormous glass full of all natural Greek Yoghurt, mango, a selection of fresh berries, walnuts, honey and toasted muesli. Are you drooling yet?

Honestly, this is the best breakfast I've eaten anywhere and you know what, it's pretty healthy too (it may be a little bigger than one needs but hey, live a little! Right?). For only $7.90, it is the best thing since I first learned how to make cupcakes and frosting.

The end result:

A job well done, me thinks!

Are you drooling right now?
If not, why not?!
I'd love to hear about your favourite eateries!
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