Monday, June 28, 2010

Obsessions - Winning Things

So I have a bit of an obsession... with winning things. I'm not claiming to be this lucky person who's winning millions left right and centre (although apparently I have won millions in plenty of overseas lotteries and the cash is just waiting for me to claim it with my bank details). Even if I'm not always winning things I sure give it a go.

My first taste of competition victory came at a ripe young age when I won a No Doubt CD out of a TV Hits magazine. I didn't even get to see the CD for months as I was in Vietnam and it was shipped straight to Roxy's house, but it started off a thirst in me. Over the years I've won a few things including a phone, some dvds, some more CDs, vouchers I even won a Sony Blu-Ray player thanks to my ace guitar hero skills at a Sony product night. It isn't really even the prize that gets me excited, but it's knowing that out of everyone else I actually managed to win. It could have been my eloquent skills with 25 words or less or that fabulous photo I snapped that covers just what the competition is about, whatever the winning entry is it's just nice to know that you did something that someone else considers fab!

My latest quest you ask? The Sony Make.Believe Experience Competition. I got through to the second round through some fantastically worded entry and some lovely votes from my mum and all her friends and now I just have to try and up the views on this video I made that will hopefully impress the judges. I find myself becoming a whole new person when I'm involved in a competition, I'm not the happy loving person I am usually but instead I'm a bitter competitive person who tries to clutch at any available shred of victory she can!

Do you ever enter any comps? And have you ever got lucky!
What is the best thing you've won?
Do you ever sit in front of your computer for hours on Win-Free-Stuff writing 25 words or less over... and over... and over again?

Adios Amigos!

3 letter(s) to the editor:

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I won a competition in primary school once to build the best dinosaur home, I won a dinasaur toy! haha.

The photos were taken at scotch college? so could be your old school..

roxy said...

Voten por mi amiga por favor!

Ha! Sorry Tash, I got all excited after seeing your use of Spanish and thought I should use some too.

natashajean said...

haha yes that would be my old school. I just thought I was going crazy! That sounds like a pretty cool competition!

Roxy... you're a dufus! :P