Monday, September 13, 2010

New Space: Check Us Out On Wordpress!

So we made the descision to mosey on over to Wordpress, we're still getting the site up and running so that it's just as perky and pretty as we love it, but we're pretty happy with it so far.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Benefit's Posietint

The Benefit Posietinit, what a beauty, beautetts. It's fabulous and after one of my University girlfriends asked me what my favourite Benefit beauty product was, well, I couldn't help but tell her all about this little baby.

Benefit Cosmetics is just marvellous, developed way back in 1976 by the Ford twins, it quickly became an internationally recognised brand. Loved by many beauty editors and writers (I know, I follow them on twitter and asked), this "frisky" luxury brand has endless "must have" unique products.

My current* favourite is, of course, the Posietint. It's a poppy-pink tinted lip and cheek stain that when applied properly, provides your skin with a light pink, luminous glow all day long.

All it takes is three little strokes on the apple of your cheeks, quickly blended with fingertips and voila! (I apply over a powdered blush - Benefit's CORALista is my current pick). And for your pout, dot onto lips and blend. For a deeper "pop" of colour, repeat. Easy. Right? Right. And if you prepare your face properly (I'm talking to you cleanser, toner, moisturiser and primer) before applying the product, it should last you all day long - albeit another application before afterwork cockatails with the girls.

The Posietint is honestly the cheekiest, girly flush you can get out of a bottle. You should try it, you'll love it (you can purchase it online for $28).

A few of their other wonder products that I simply cannot wait to wrap my beauty obsessed mitts around are the 'Benetint' (a rose-tinted lip and cheek stain), the 'Highbeam' (luminescent complexion enhancer), the 'Brows-a-go-go' and the 'My Treat' lippy. I'll let you know how they go...

Have you tried any of these products?
Are you also obsessed with Benefit Cosmetics?
What's your favourite beauty brand?

*I say 'current' with caution. As soon as I get another one of their delectable prodz in my hand I'm likely to declare that one as my favourite.