Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look Book Gift Bag - Want Proof?

A further update on the Look Book instores Gift Bag. Just in case you didn't believe us about how huge it was. Here's proof:

This is the pile of stuff we were given... for free (minus a few bits and pieces that I'm already using and some that I so kindly gave to a few special friends to try!) And a happy snap of myself with my two favourite items:
Oh.my.goodness these two items rock my socks. I've already talked about the Kora Body Lotion but on the other side we have HissyFits Protect.Renew.Perfect range - it includes a great tinted moisturiser (no kidding... it's so wonderful that I don't need foundation), a lip balm with SPF 30+ and a hand cream with sunscreen. It's so important that we protect our skin and this fab new range is the perfect answer. yay!

Oh and in relation to Tash's Valentines Cupcakes... If I have anything to do with it she will have them mastered waaaay before next Feb. In fact I think I'll call her now and get her on to it.

1 letter(s) to the editor:

natashajean said...

I must say I'm loving the Kora moisturiser, and the hissy fit lip service!! another favourite of mine is the kosmea range. I'm considering getting myself some full size ones for a new skincare set, especially considering DJs are doing a deal at the moment. x