Friday, March 5, 2010

Rundle Adventures - Clothes and Coffee

Okay, so, it's my mum's 50th this coming weekend. That's right, the big 5-0. Half a century. Wow... So I guess you're all thinking 'sweet big party'... Well no. Mum's not into big celebrations centered around her so we're just going out for dinner at this beautiful restaurant down in McLaren Vale called Oscars. If you're keen for a fine wine and dining experience McLaren Vale is filled with cute places... But more on that later on. Let's get to the point already... Which is the two 'Essentail C's' - Clothes and Coffee... Yippee!

Earlier today I thought, 'right I'm going out for a lovely dinner this coming weekend what will I need?' Hmmm, I definitely heard the tiny little devil hovering above my ear whispering... What was she saying? 'Mess'? No. 'Test'? No. Ohhhh, dress! Duh. I totally need to go spend money (that I don't necessarly have) on a new dress for my mothers 50th birthday dinner. So, this is exactly what happened. I dragged darling Tash from our lecture/tutorial this afternoon (FYI, a lecture hosted by the nicest, cutest lecturer ever) towards my all time favourite clothing store Kookai.

I found the (purple) dress I wanted in about five seconds flat so there was no problem there, until one of the hot retail assistants pointed out to me that there was infact three colours; purble, black and red. I gasped, Tash rolled her eyes. I wanted the red one, didn't I? Well, after trying the red one on, then the purple again, I settled on the red. I think it looks nice. Unfortunatly not as nice and the grey version looks on this stunning model:

Dont be fooled, the balck skirt does not come with the dress, I'll just be wearing it plain with some accessories. Maybe I'll upload a pic of the red one with me in it... well, that's a big maybe.

So, visit Kookai. It's awesome. Then go to Gloria Jeans Coffees and buy a 'Very Vanilla Chiller with a shot of hazelnut syrup'. That's what we did anyway because everyone knows that after a good shopping experience, you're worn out and need some extra energy... Well that, and, it just tastes so damn good!

Before I go, just a quick comment about Tash's Burp post: a Burp wrap without guacomole is like a meat pie without sauce. Poor form Burp, Poor form.


2 letter(s) to the editor:

natashajean said...

Huzzah! I feel like we need a drop of champers to celebrate your first posting! (or non alcoholic champers in my case).

Nimue said...

hmm, that dress looks stunning! and you've got me dreaming about that coffee, sounds yummie ;)