Sunday, March 28, 2010

The day I fell MORE in love with Primped (and David Jones)

It has been way too long since I last blogged... Thanks Uni... But on a happier note, my blogging drought has officially ended after I was inspired over the weekend. So what got me so excited that I had to jump onto the computer and blast my opinion out into the virtual world? Primped Look Book instores, that's what.

Okay, lets start from the beginning. In case you didn't know Primped is a beauty website - they actually sum it up really nicely themselves in their website's header: "Primped: the go-to for the how-to in beauty". So, it's super awesome and has tonnes of great tips to help us mere mortals get the newest, hottest look. And I just want to quickly say, if you are sitting there rolling your eyes at the sheer vanity of this all then please hold up: sometimes a nice new polish or a new product that helps your hair not friz on a humid day just makes you feel happy. So there. It's nice to feel happy.

Anyway, Primped do a Look Book every season and it's filled with a quick summary of the new trends and the best products. It's really cute and its free from all David Jones stores. Recently, Zoe Foster (the Editor-In-Chief) ran sessions in David Jones stores around the country to promote the Look Book and wow, it was fantastic. I learned so much got the most incredible gift bag. No kidding, there was about 20 products in the bag. My personal favourite: a 200ml bottle of Kora Body Lotion (Miranda Kerr's new organic skin care range) - it smells so good and my skin loves me for using it.
Jealous much?

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