Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things - Polaroid

So I told myself I wouldn't post more than once in a day, because I don't want to be hogging the blogosphere. Technically I suppose I'm not going against that because it is now technically Thursday so we'll just ignore the fact that I made my first 'Tash-only' post merely hours ago. 

As the title suggests this is about Polaroid and their instant cameras, it has been brought about by me realising that I really want one of these:

According to Gizmodo this baby will be coming out sometime in the near future and I want one of these all for myself. I currently own 6 Polaroid cameras, the latest addition came just the other day when my aunt bought me one at auction. I've only ever taken photos with one of these cameras and have only ever used up two packets of film. Despite my somewhat measly dealings with the actual 'instant photography' side of things I love Polaroid cameras probably more than all of my other cameras, but I just don't understand where I stand with this company and these cameras. 

When Polaroid announced that they were ceasing production of their film I was devastated, granted I'd never used or owned one before but I was still devastated. Then along came this amazing thing called The Impossible Project who were going to start manufacturing Polaroid instant film once official production was stopped. I loved the concept of this site, especially the fact that they had little media packs you could download to help spread word of the plight of Polaroid instant film. The only problem was I never really understood what was happening, whether they were actually going to go ahead with their plans with large scale possibilities or whether it was a bit of a pipe dream. So today, days after receiving my newest Polaroid addition, I've been scanning their new and improved website (online store and all) and I still can't figure out what the deal is. 

So much of the film in the store is "sold out" and I have no idea whether this means sorry this has all been snatched up super quick, wait for the next batch or sorry, while we make some random Polaroid films anything you actually need was sold out long ago and will never be manufactured again. If anyone knows the real situation I'd love to know what it is because I have six pretty babies sitting on my shelf yearning to pump out some instant shots. 

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