Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life - Sick Days

I've decided to declare my love for sick days. For spending the whole day in bed, snuggled up with a blanket or a quilt. For staying in pajamas all day. For being allowed to forget about cleaning the house or buying groceries. For being allowed to not think about work or university or anything else and for just being able to do nothing.

I'm not saying sick days don't have some downsides, the obvious one being that you are sick. Being sick is pretty sucky, and it's usually filled with many undesirable symptoms that not only make you feel pretty lame but also make you a very disgusting being to be within two feet of. But this is also one of the things that makes sick days so fantastic, you are allowed to wallow in the self pity of your sickness rather than feel like you are supposed to pull yourself together and try and continue on with life.

In case it isn't noticeable I've spent the past week in a blur of sickness. It all started with a head cold that kept me in a painful and snotty stupor until I managed to get my hands on the holy grail, Codral (with my favourites pseudoephedrine and codeine). Suddenly the skies cleared and I could think, and breath and swallow and sleep. This was until I spent a day walking around feeling like my legs were about to fall off and my stomach was about to jump out of my mouth due to some lovely side-effects and I stopped taking my Codral and have since then been left feeling pretty horrible. Thankfully I spent today sleeping so I'm feeling slightly better, although this has been dampened by the fact that I have a bazillion pages of readings to do.


2 letter(s) to the editor:

Katrine Ny said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm glad you did, ´cause that made me visit yours. :) I really like your blog. As you may have noticed I left a part of my heart in Adelaide while studying there 2 years ago, so therefore this blog is a great way to revive the Adelaide atmosphere I know so well. Thanks for blogging about Adelaide! - How did you find your way to my blog, by the way?

natashajean said...

Thanks! :) I found your blog through a link on Steph's blog (
I always have a snoop through lists of who people follow and also their followers, in case I come across any that look interesting because I love reading different people's views on thing. Thus I came across yours! Hope you enjoy the blog! x