Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shopping - Kikki.K

A fantastic thing happened on Saturday the 6th of March, kikki.K opened it's Adelaide store in Rundle Mall, and I managed to miss it. This Saturday was the first Saturday I've had off work in a very long time, and I'm still kicking myself for not knowing about the store opening sooner. For those of you who don't know kikki.K is a stationary heaven, created and designed by Swedish born Kristina "Kikki"Karlsson.

It's hard to pinpoint what my favourite part of the store is. The designs are just adorable, from plain red and black journals to fun diaries with bicycles and ice cream cones there is a lot to choose from whether you are more traditional or a bit eclectic. Another thing I love about their products is the fact that they don't just sell diaries and letter writing sets. The shelves are filled with interesting things like friendship books, and folders to plan things such as your 'dream home'. I could go on forever about all the different things they have, but I think it's something that is if you check it out yourself! 

I think I've even managed to fall more in love with this store than I am with the colour co-ordinated tie section of Myer. Everything is organised into the different collections and colours, and they have sample products for you to look at and flick through. Not only to get the creative juices flowing but also to have a proper look at what you're actually buying. I'm so sick of shrinkwrapped notebooks and journals that you buy in the hope that it'll actually be what you're looking for. 

Finally, what I think was my favourite part of the store, the lovely people who work there! I came into the store with a carton of cupcakes and I wished that I could have actually given one to them all because they were all so friendly and lovely! They were wonderful as I dashed between the store and the bank due to a public holiday money fiasco, because I desperately needed to leave town today clutching one of their 2010 diaries.

So if you find yourself walking down Rundle Mall go check out kikki.K, it's affordable and incredibly gorgeous! They're even offering $10 bonus gift cards at the moment when you buy something to celebrate the opening!

4 letter(s) to the editor:

Anonymous said...

I was so going to make a post about Kikki-K, I spent some time there today drooling over everything. My friend and I were looking at all of the examples for everything and pointing out that it's a great idea too, haha.

natashajean said...

I spend waaaaay too much time and money in there. I love it so!

Gary said...

Yay, I work in Kikki.K (in Auckland) and you got mentioned on our work intranet. They love you in Rundle Mall! :-)

natashajean said...

Oh really? WOW! that's so exciting! :) Thanks for checking us out! It's nice to know that my love for kikki.K and the people at the Rundle Mall store is at least a little bit reciprocated! :D