Monday, April 26, 2010

Things - Triwa Watches

Welcome to Triwa. These watches just reinforce my love for all things Swedish (see also kikki.K and Ikea). I haven't owned a watch since I was about 10. I had a habit of breaking them all the time and then my dad bought me a brand new Swatch Watch that was very special. I was swimming in P.E. and even though the watch was waterproof when I was being pulled out of the pool during a swimming medley I banged my wrist against the side of the pool and the watch cracked and got water damage. I haven't had one since and I haven't really needed one. When I came across this blog post I fell in love and suddenly found the need for a brand new watch. I want the Turquoise Flamingo one (the second watch) and the are released in Australia on Wednesday. It's definitely on my wish list! 

It's like being in a candy store!

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