Friday, April 30, 2010

Food - Buttermilk Pancakes

So today I had this really important book review to write. It was for one of my subjects and I'd been putting it off because writing book reviews reminds me too much of year 12 drama and having to write reviews and just wishing I could get back to the acting! So obviously at 1:30am I was doing everything but writing my book review when I got the genius idea to whip up some pancakes. 

I had some left over buttermilk from a banana cake that I'd made earlier in the week and some eggs that I'd got off my sister earlier that day, so all I needed was to chuck them together with some flour, sugar and the frozen berries and I had (almost) instant post midnight snacks. I admit that at 1:30 my cooking skills weren't perfect and they were a little burnt at times but for a recipe off the side of a milk carton they were pretty good. 

A pointless post I know, but do you have any food that you whip up for late night study sessions or all nighters?
Or any recipes that you love that you picked up off the 'serving suggestions' of a packet?

1 letter(s) to the editor:

roxy said...

Ha! So random. So amazing! Now I'm really keening up for pancakes, they just looked so good. x