Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Films - Kick Ass

On Friday I went to go see the much talked about movie Kick Ass, and it was awesome! Unfortunately it's mainly been talked about due to the fact that parents don't think it's an acceptable movie for their children highlighted thanks to another Mel and Kochie crusade, to that I say: well done! The classification board agrees with you, that's why you shouldn't be taking your children to an MA15+ film.

My favourite character in the film is quite obviously the character of Hit Girl, played by Chloe Moretz who has also been in Dirty Sexy Money and (500) Days of Summer. She was insane! The 10 year old version of The Bride from Kill Bill. The film had the perfect amounts of comedy, action, gore and heart felt moments and if it does convince any 10 year old children to become homicidal super heros then at least they'll be doing it in style.

Much of the controversy lies around Hit Girl and the fact that she is taught by her father to kill people in quite gruesome ways, apparently this is going to be teaching our children bad lessons. I suppose that is why the classification board doesn't recommend you taking little kiddies to the film (obviously), I think they realise that people over the age of 15 should have the capability to see what I feel is the true meaning behind a film that is also simply visually stimulating and enjoyable: that regular people have the ability to stand up for others when bad stuff happens rather than just walking by and ignoring it. If I was a film critic I would give it 5 stars!

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roxy said...

Tash, now I want to see it. STAT!