Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stuff I Do - Radio

As part of my Uni degree I signed up to be involved in a radio show. That's right, every week I get together with a group of 8 other awesome uni students and we plan and produce a really rad radio show. It's called 'Y' on Radio Adelaide 101.5. To sum it up briefly, our show profiles Generation Y - so we bust the myths surrounding the generation, talk about what we like, what we do etc etc. Anyway, the show is on Wednesdays, at 3:00pm on 101.5 (Yes, I did just shamefully plug my radio show on my blog!). I know you want to listen in... right? Come on!

Y. Wednesday. 3:00pm. Radio Adelaide 101.5

So valued readers (I hope you exist!), do you listen to radio?
What programs?
Are they a commercial or community station (Radio Adelaide is Community so no ads...yeeha!)

P.S If you really want to listen in but don't have a radio handy, listen online.

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