Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obsessions - Chanel 505

I am obsessed with Chanel's 505 Particuliere Nail Polish. I think it is beautiful. It's a lovely taupe colour with a hint of red that I find really compliments almost any outfit and is great to wear as we head into the colder seasons. It looks especially fabulous with backs, browns and greys but then somehow, looks equally amazing with a lovely red or purple ensemble. Good one!

The bad news... It's currently sold out Australia wide. I've been on two waiting lists for a couple of weeks and am thinking of putting myself onto more (apparently the next lot is coming all the way from classy France so it might be a while yet...). Lucky for me, I am currently donning this amazing shade as a lovely lady at a Chanel counter let me use her tester bottle. On all of my nails. Yay.

The good news...My understanding is that 505 is not a limited edition so we will be able to get it eventually, and, OPI does a great rip of called 'Over the Taupe' (but good luck finding that one, it also appears to be sold out everywhere...so I guess that's not really good news..sorry!)

Anyway, I recommend that all the nail polish obsessed ladies out there try Chanel 505 out. It is a winner!

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