Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Food - Healthy BUT Tasty Snack

I just want to start by saying WOW Tash, look at all those colours! Those watches are fabulous. Are they not? But I think for me, I'll stick with my simple, silver DKNY watch (a birthday girt from the one and only Rowan. My Bf). Awww! How sweet.

Anyway, today I'm talking about food, again. And, I'm going to be banging on about the Bimby (thermomix), again. Sorry, but it is important.

I was peckish after a morning at Uni and I simply couldn't find anything in the fridge that was remotely interesting. So after a long while of aimless searching I decided I needed to create something. Fast. Then I rememebered the brilliant snack that my Aunty Sue told me about a while back... A tasty mix of Apple, Almond, Coconut and Pitted Dates.

How do I make it? Easily. I chop half a granny smith apple into four quarters, grab a handful of dates, shredded coconut and pitted dates and chuck it into the Bimby, press the 'pulse' button a few times and BAM, I've got a really yummy, healthy mix that I can nibble on while writing this blog. Awesome.

Honestly, it was goood.

Do you have any amazing yummy creations?
Are they healthy?
Or a little naughty?
Whatever it is, I want to hear about it.

P.S This mix doesn't necessarily reqire a Bimby, if you've got a food processor it is equally easily and will taste just a great. I assure you!

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natashajean said...

mmm. i swear you're making me want one of those bimbys so badly!!! not that i could afford one ever. haha