Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eateries - Zambrero, Fresh Mex Grill

I meant to write about this a little while back when Roxy and I popped in here for lunch the other week. We were supposed to be going to this little vegetarian restaurant that we keep meaning to check out. It's one of those hole in the wall places. Just a yellow door that leads up a flight of stairs to a very small and over crowded room that apparently does very excellent food. I say apparently because it's only recently that we managed to find the place, and when we finally got up there it was way too crowded for us to get a seat and we were in the middle of a lunch break so we couldn't stand around waiting.

Instead we went to a new Mexican place on Rundle Street called Zambrero. I'd walked past it on my way to the vegetarian and it caught my eye (in case you haven't picked up on it, I love Mexican food of any kind whether the genuine or the tex mex sort)

It was a really interesting place, similar to burp in the way that you choose your meat, choose your fillings and then eat an incredibly overstuffed burrito but there were some interesting things about it too. For starters the tortillas were different, I'm not sure if they were more of a traditional style tortilla or not but they seemed to be more like roti to me. Not that this was a problem, they were delicious and freshly made as well. The ones at burp (not that I'm complaining, I'm just still a bit sore over the whole guacamole fiasco) seem just like the ones you get out of the packet. They're tasty but they don't have that fresh taste to them. The chicken we had was also interesting, once again I could almost taste Indian flavours to it. At the end they also offer you a choice of sauces which helped add a bit of zing to the whole thing. 

There were only two dissapointing things about the whole place. Firstly there was so mango salsa and I love having mango salsa on my wrap at burp. Secondly they make you pay 50¢ extra for guacamole, that was all a bit too subway for me. Although speaking of quacamole, I did love this:

At least I know that they think guacamole is a very important addition to any burrito, and maybe the extra 50¢ I pay them will go to ensuring that I never end up with a guac-less burrito. 

(Their website is also very cute, they even have a game where you shoot flying tacos, burritos and corn chips!)

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