Monday, April 19, 2010

Things - Thermomix/BIMBY

Okay, here is promised blog about the Thermomix (the amazing kitchen appliance that I mentioned in my last blog) which is also known, more affectionately as, the Bimby. How cute.

So the Bimby is fabulous. Apparently it is the most advanced kitchen applicance on the market today and is without rival - and I've got one (well, my mum has one which is just as good. Right?). Oh look, here it is in all of its glory:

Honestly, the Bimby is sensational. It cooks, kneads, pulverises and mills (all grains, wheat, barley and what not), minces, whips, crushes (ice and with the addition of fresh fruit, it makes sorbet which is todiefor), and steams (yummi vegies, fish whatevz!). The bimby makes me amazing bread, gorgeous dips, pasta, risotto, cake mixes, ice cream. Well, I could rant on forever and if you're not impressed now I don't know what classifies as impressive?!
Unfortunately, these machines are not cheap. But, they are really an investiment - especially if you're into all natural, no preservative cooking.
The Bimby is perfect for a new, young couple who are setting up there kitchen. Oh, what lovely thoughts to end this blog on.
What do you think?
You like?
Hmmm, I think I'll go make some dips for lunch now...

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