Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beauty - Jen Lindley (AKA Michelle Williams)

You see that gorgeous blonde bombshell on the left, that is definitely not the Jen Lindley that I used to know... and hate! For anyone who is thinking what are you on about? That's Michelle Williams! Yes. Yes it is. But before she jumped back into the scene for Brokeback Mountain and as Heath Ledger's baby mama, she was most well known for playing Jen Lindley on Dawson's Creek. Oh and yeah, I hated her. I think that it was just because I didn't like Jen that I transfered my hatred onto Michelle and it took me a while to get past this.

Then I came across this picture, which is being flaunted across the Internet on sites like Primped and also the IMDB homepage and I decided to relinquish any hatred I may have felt towards her. She looks amazing and like a completely different person. To me she channels Jean Seberg ala "New York Herald Tribune" in À Bout De Souffle, that perfect mixture of class and cool. She has me yearning for that perfect blonde colour that I haven't been drawn to for such a long time and I'm craving that fringe. I don't think I would ever consider a pixie cut but I'm considering heading to the hairdressers (something I haven't done in almost a year!) and keeping my hair length but getting me a fringe like that! We'll see how my wallet feels about that.

I'll be staying away from the peroxide for now though!


1 letter(s) to the editor:

roxy said...

Oh yes, a fringe like that would look stunning on you. And you've got the thickness (hair thickness. obviously.) to pull it of. You minx! P.S Yes, I will actually be writing my Cleanse blog... It just needs to radiate awesomeness. I'm working on it.