Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gritty Pretty's Benefit Beauty Giveaway

Roxy: 'Oh, there you are 'This and That'! I've been looking all over for you, you hawt piece of internet space.'

This and That: 'Whatever. I've been here all along, you're a liar. So sod off, biatch.'

Roxy: 'Wow. Ease up on the hostility. What's the problem? I tres care about you. Okay, so you've discovered I've been cheating on you with the Benefit Beauty pack I won off wonderful beauty blog, Gritty Pretty. But, don't you still like me? Even a little?'

This and That: 'Asking me what I think about you is like asking a dog what he thinks about lampposts...'

Roxy: 'Oh look, this is ridiculous. I've come here to confess my recent whereabouts. I need to tell you about Mr Benefit. He's got a beautiful package, smells amazing... Look, we've been seeing each other for a while now but I've kept it quiet because I didn't want to get all up in your grill, but now it's time. Mr Benefit and I are officially an item...'

And it's all thanks to Gritty Pretty. Goodness me, I love this beauty site. It's the go-to for what's hot in beauty and fashion. Win!

Anyway, it was a couple of weeks ago now that Eleanor, the editor
of GP, announced an amazing competition giving away a Benefit Beauty Pack worth a staggering 400 big ones. I really, really wanted to win the prize and well, I did! Excited much? Seeing as I reside in a beach side town about 45 minutes out of Adelaide CBD, I've never experienced Benefit beauty prodz before (not because I live by the beach, but because Benefit is not sold in Adelaide).

So when this package arrived at my door only a few days after my name was announced on Gritty Pretty's blog, facebook page and over twitter, I couldn't contain my excitement. It was like Christmas, only better.
(Yes, I was so excited that I tore into the package before taking this picture. Many apologies.)

And my loot...

Look at all of my goodies. I'm one lucky girl, right?

Right now (literally, right now - a few of these beauty products are living in my handbag) I'm currently playing and experimenting with all of the products, so I won't go into detail about them just yet. For now, please marvel at their beauty, refrain from making any Roxy voodoo dolls and look forward to my succession of Benefit Beauty Reviews. Watch this space!

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