Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fashion: Just quietly, the David Jones summer launch was amazing.

Well, I can't exactly confirm that from personal experience (I think my invite was lost in the mail?) but the pictures I've seen on various news sites and blogs have certainly left me gushing and reaching for my imaginary platinum credit cards. Anyway, let's ignore my ramblings and focus on the fashion we were previewed to thanks to our mates at DJ's....

1. Erica Heynatz looked delightful in her frock. The beige does incredible things for her skin and the cut is classy yet sexy. And would you look at those amazing pins? Yeow! You go girl! (Now please return the dress to my wardrobe Erica, thanks lovely).

2. This is my perfect 'work/evening appropriate' outfit. The pink and black is tres cute and the blazer brings class right into the outfit. Not to mention the shoes. Oh the shoes! I'm also loving the use of the top knot - it really finishes the outfit. Aside from being obviously on trend, the 'do allows you to really appreciate the models outfit (you know, we don't have flowing locks distracting us or whatever). I'm impressed and envious.

3. I'm now massively crushing on Abbe Lee. Enough said.

4. I'm pining after this bathing suit (so cute), those unbelievable heels (amazing for summer) and the bod to match (if you don't mind!)...

Do you agree with my picks from the David Jones Summer launch.
Isn't Abby Lee a stunner?
Are you lovin' beige as much as I am for spring/summer?

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