Monday, August 23, 2010

Comic Books, Video Games and Hilarious Lines! Scott Pilgrim - The Review

So I went to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World the other day and I'd like to announce that I am well and truly in love. In fact this year has been big on movie love for me, first Kick Ass, then Inception and finally Scott Pilgrim. It takes a lot to drag me away from my sofa and 260 DVD collection for a $15 movie ticket (although truthfully berry Choc Tops help!) so this year has been full of a whole load of POW for me! 

For those who don't know Scott Pilgrim is the character from a series of comic books by Brian Lee O'Malley. He's 22, dating a high schooler and bassist in a band. Things change when he falls in love with the striking pink-haired Ramona Flowers after she rollerblades her ways through his dreams. 

Then Scott finds out that in order to date Ramona he has to first defeat her 7 evil exes. 

The movie has hilarious lines and is highly recommended for anyone who likes comic books or video games. 
(Sitting around during a band practice)
Knives Chau: So what do you play?
Yong Neil: Huh? Um... Zelda, Tetris, Metroid... It's kind of a big question...

Even for those who aren't big on those sorts of things, I hope people will still find it a hilarious film. I know I'm a little bit biased. While Michael Cera plays pretty much the same character he plays in ever film/TV show he's ever been in (except perhaps half of Youth in Revolt, which I'm still yet to see) and while I don't have a problem with this I think it leaves some of the stand out performances to some of the other actors. My favourites were definitely Mary Elizabeth Winstead who played the lovely Ramona Flowers and Kieran Culkin who plays Scott's hilarious hilarious housemate. 

I get that Scott Pilgrim may not be everyone's cup of tea, but even if you're not sure about it go watch it anyway... because the more people that buy ticket to go see this movie the higher chance that they'll make more amazing movies like it so that me and my couch drift apart as I get a better relationship with the cinema. From me it's 5/5 Stars! 

Have you seen it?
Did you like it?
What movies are you crushing on at the moment?
What movies are you waiting for? (If you say Deathly Hallows I love you, If you say Breaking Dawn... Erm... We'll pretend I didn't hear that!)

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