Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to secure your dream job

As I'm about to embark on the final semester of my University degree I've been doing a whole lot of work expereince, internships (whatever I can get really) and trawling through looking for possible jobs. Obviously it's a super competitative world out there and I need to get on it. So I've been thinking quite seriously about what the best way to apply for a job might be. Do I send out my CV to a bunch of papers, PR firms, media agencies and the like, do I contact them over social networking sites (become thier facebook 'friend'/twitter 'follower') or approach them face to face? You know, physically show them what I've got to offer.

I personally believe that this is a tough nut to crack (please excuse the cliché). Does anyone really know what the best option is when applying for a job? Well after some research I quickly found that someone actually does have a clear understanding of how to best approach a prospective employer. Who? 'The Chaser', of course! I've come across an amazing YouTube vid which demonstrates exactly how to secure your dream job. It's a winner, check it out!

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