Sunday, July 11, 2010

Highway to Uh... Where?

So if you remember, a few weeks ago Roxy and I lay down this stupendous plan: Highway to Health was going to begin and we were going to be kicking some lazy ass! Unfortunately life got in the way. Roxy got the amazing opportunity to do an internship at the Sunday Mail where she was too busy attending fashion shoots and getting her name in print that she couldn't meet me for a gym sesh, and I was a bit too busy working 40 hour weeks at The Good Guys (My excuse is just as cool... right?). Well excuses, excuses we thought and we were rearing to start but now Roxy is completing another 2 week internship this time with the Messenger so unfortunately our traversing all over Adelaide to find our inner health gurus is once again on hold. 

You know what, I'd even got all ready! I did what any girl needs to do in order to start something new, I went shopping! So now I'm armed with a new drink bottle and trackpants and a mere 15 hours a week and I'm itching for a gym buddy, so instead of discovering some healthy gems without my buddy I've picked up a new friend to help me see through these two weeks... Introducing: Wii Fit Plus! 

Lame? Okay, so it's not quite the fanfare we wanted to begin with (we were planning on getting all hot and sweaty with some Bikram Yoga) but I figured why not review the games system that so many people are keen to try (I sell these things, believe me I know!). I'll be updating daily so, not wanting to overrun the This and That blog with posts, my daily posts will only be going up on the Highway to Health blog (Link in the side bar. Wow. saying that I feel like some sort of YouTube celebrity. Link in the doobly-doo. Nerdfighter jokes? No? Okay I lost you!) So if you're interested to hear if the whole Wii fit thing has any bang for its buck then check it out! 

I'll be reviewing it for 2 weeks starting from tomorrow, at the same time I'll be trying to be a  bit more careful about what I'm eating by using my trusty kikki.K meal planner, and I'll be braving the rain and trying to go for some more walks thanks to my new raincoat (Yes, even more shopping). This really has been a very hectic holidays, and it's really helped me realise how much life can get in the way of trying to look after yourself. After long weeks, overnight stays with my nieces and the biscuits and chips that coincide, and a bout of stomach flu and reflux I'm feeling the temptation of the Urban Remedy Winter Warmer Cleanse and perhaps a nice weekend away. Melbourne anyone? (hint: Roxy and I will be going to Melbourne in August! Weee!) So enough blabbering I've got to get some sleep for my Wii Fit sesh in the morning, and here are the lovely goodies I bought:

1. Camelbak Better Bottle $29.95, 2. Running Bare Tigerlily Soft Knit Track Pants $79.95, 3. Cath Kidston Navy Spot Raincoat $50, 4. NintendoWii Fit Plus $129, 5. kikki.K Meal Planner $9.95. 

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